Thursday, August 7, 2014

Electra Bicycle Bell (Hawaii) So cute in my opinion

A yesterday. I search for information on the Electra Bicycle Bell (Hawaii), so i would like to bring a story to tell.

Electra Bicycle Bell (Hawaii)

Hawaii Bell. Read more or Check Price

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Comments from other users

It looks great on my bike cruiser. It fits on the left side which is great because the gears are right It ' a great addition to my bike by LisaK

I love this bell. I need a bell to go with my pink pink and white bike. "This was perfect ""Questo era perfetto """"""I ride my bike every day and play this bell around the neighborhood""Guido la mia moto tutti i giorni e suonare questa campana in tutto il quartiere""""""it""This was perfect"1truefalse950030""2truefalse984340"I ride my"7truefalse1000031"bike"8truefalse999341"every day and"9truefalse441471"play"10truefalse767781"this bell"11truefalse7268101"around the neighborhood"12truefalse87310131"Questo era perfetto"1"This was perfect"950truefalse019"Questo era perfetto """2""984truefalse2022"""Guido la mia"7"I ride my"1000truefalse"Drive my"0truefalse"Driving my"0truefalse"I am driving my"0truefalse"Ride my"0truefalse012"Guido la mia moto tutti i giorni e suonare questa campana in tutto il quartiere""moto"8"bike"999truefalse"motorcycle"0truefalse"motion"0truefalse"motorbike"0truefalse"bikes"0truefalse1317"""tutti i giorni e"9"every day and"441truefalse"everyday and"1truefalse1834"""suonare"10"play"767truefalse"playing"0truefalse"have"0truefalse"ring"0truefalse"sound"0truefalse3542"""questa campana"11"this bell"726truefalse"this bowl"0truefalse"Capri bell"0truefalse4357"""in tutto il quartiere"12"around the neighborhood"873truefalse"throughout the neighborhood"9truefalse5879"""Questo era perfetto Guid la mia moto tutti i giorni e suonare questa campana in tutto il quartiere"6"it"93. by Vickie Lokey

This bell bike has exceeded my expectations. I think it is so well done that will go from bike to bike and keep his ring. E ' strong and wonderful by Wendy Miller

This was an " add on" which I thought was cute and nostalgic. It really adds to the whole look of the bike. by SusanL


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